2018 Information for Finals

For teams competing in finals, please find necessary information on the links below:

New scorecards for 2018

New scorecards are being introduced in 2018 and will have all player names pre-populated on them - no more needing to remember players' names in alphabetical order - yay!  :-)
Click on the below examples of these new scorecards:

Competitive team score card example

Non-competitive (NetSetGO) team score card example

Important points to note:
  • If a player is away or does not take part in the game at all, this MUST be acknowledged on the scorecard by crossing out their name and/or writing "DNP" (ie. Did Not Play) alongside or in the signature section.  Points will be deducted if this is not adhered to.
  • Any fill-in players must be listed in the applicable section along with their team/division (click here for a list of the current Aspley teams) 

See below scorecard example for CORRECT and INCORRECT ways to list players who are absent or did not take the court for the game:
DPNA  Scorecard-absent players

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