COVID Safety

COVID Safety Information for the 2020 9-Week Blast

  • Participants, officials and spectators are not to arrive any earlier than 40 mins prior to the commencement of their game time. This allows for spacing between competition rounds to allow participants and spectators to leave the facility prior to the arrival of next round participants.
  • DPNA have strict entry and exit points, drop off and pick up zones, along with the movement of people throughout the courts.

If playing on courts 1-9 in the caged area:

ENTRY is via Allom Street (near the public car park)

EXIT is via Green Terrace (near the clubhouse)

Green is the entry route, blue is the exit route.

2020 caged movement map

If playing on courts 10 or above:

Players can ENTER and EXIT via Green Terrace by walking directly to your court.

Green is the entry route, blue is the exit route.

2020 10- 12 movement map

2020 13- 20 movement map

2020 28- 37 movement map

Full maps showing all entry, exit and expected movements can be viewed here:

Whilst there will be signs at DPNA, please ensure you review these maps PRIOR to familiarise yourself and avoid any confusion on the day.


  • Parking will be limited (Hockey has also commenced) - you may need to park further away than normal.
  • There is no parking on Allom Street, Green Terrace or behind the bollards on Green Terrace as these are entry & exit points for members and spectators.
  • Council have locked off the grass area car parks, so please allow plenty of time to find a park.
  • For Sunday parking, DPNA recommend parking in the hockey car park or on Noble Street.
  • There will be no walking permitted through the caged area to get to the car park.

Attendance Registers

Attendance Sheets will need to be completed by every team (players, coaches & managers) as well as umpires and spectators who attend DPNA to officiate or spectate any particular game.
Your manager will have copies of these attendance sheets to fill out each week throughout the 9-Week Blast.  It is important that everyone attending a game fills in this attendance record in case DPNA need to conduct contact tracing in the event of a COVID-19 case.

Social distancing of 1.5m must be maintained at all times by spectators and most importantly, if you are unwell - PLEASE STAY HOME!

Food & Drink

There will be no canteen, BBQ, coffee van, snow-cones or any other catering at Downey Park this season.  Please ensure you bring your own filled water bottles as no food or drinks can be purchased from Downey.

Individual Player Checklist

There is a checklist that all players will need to read through, prior to attending DPNA to ensure safety. A laminated copy will be made available to your manager for review, or you can view one here.


  • Each team can have a total of 10 players with 1 coach and 1 manager. If you are not playing on court, you will need to ensure you are social distancing.
  • Players don’t need to sign the score card, the manager will need to tick off players who are in attendance for that game.
  • Managers will need to hand in the score sheet & spectator attendance sheet at the end of every game. These sheets will need to be placed in the box near the First Aid Tent in the caged area.
  • Games will be 10 minute quarters with a 2 minute beak in between quarters.
  • The changeover time between games is 29 minutes. Please arrange with your coach the best time to arrive to allow a warm up before your game (noting you are not permitted to arrive more than 40 mins prior to your game time)
  • Competitive players can fill in and play up in another team 5 times over the 9-Week Blast, and NetSetGO players are permitted to play across 5 times over the 9-Week Blast.
  • Umpires do not need to sign-on at the desk, but will need to sign the score sheet.

Player Well-being, Sanitation & Hygiene Packs

The coach of each team has been provided with hygiene pack for use at fixtures and training.

  • All teams are to use antibacterial wipes to wipe down balls, post pads, black folders & any other equipment used throughout the game.
  • Post pads and black folders will need to be wiped down by the first named team on the scorecard on both arrival to the court and at the end of the game.
  • Players are encouraged to use hand sanitiser between quarters.
  • Spectators & bench players need to maintain a safe distance of 1.5m between themselves and others at all times. (This does not apply to players who will be playing on court). 
  • DPNA have the right to stop the game until spectators abide by the social distancing rules.
  • Bench players and fill-ins, who are not playing on court, need to also adhere to social distancing and are to stay with their coach to avoid co-mingling until the end of the game.
  • To access the toilet facilities, if you are playing within the caged area (courts 1-9), the entrance will be through the door in the stairwell of the clubhouse. The toilet exit point will be the toilet door facing the court. The stairwell is to remain free from members unless utilising the toilet amenities (with social distancing to apply).
  • If you are playing on the outside courts (courts 10-29), you will need to use the council toilets, which are situated next to grass courts 32 & 33.
  • The communal shower will not be open

COVID Safety Officers

DPNA requires volunteer COVID Safety Officers from each club to be around the courts for each round on a Saturday and Sunday. This is an important role to ensure the season runs smoothly so please advise us if you can volunteer for a duty.

The role of the COVID Safety Officer is to manage spectator numbers and social distancing requirements for those courts with Aspley games being played.
If you are rostered on to be a COVID Safety Officer for a round, you will need to sign in at the DPNA Control Desk.
The COVID Safety Officer is not counted as a spectator for any games, which means whilst performing these duties, you are able to watch either your child/friend play and all other Aspley teams playing at that particular time and not exceed the spectator per player allowance.

If you are able to assist with performing a COVID Safety Officer duty, please let us know by contacting our COVID Safety Coordinator, Jess Isaac at and let her know your availability.

Other General Info

  • Unfortunately there will be no club tents up this season
  • DPNA have advised that the hooter will sound as usual for all the Saturday rounds
  • Sunday's NetSetGO rounds will have the hooter sound for the start of the round, but all games are to be self-timed.

COVID-19 Safety Plan

In preparation for the return to play, there are protocols our members need to be aware of. This includes Coaches, Managers, players, parents and carers.

The ADNC COVID-19 Safety Plan is based on the following:
1. The 'get in, train and get out' principle
2. Arrive court-ready and bring your own water bottle, towel and hand sanitiser (if possible)
3. Training is limited to 60 minutes (including warm up and cool down) with 15 minutes between groups.
4. There are 2 defined playing zones with dedicated pick up and drop off loading zones.
5. Spectators at training must be limited, with spectators practicing social distancing and located outside of the playing and drop off/pick up zones (for example, remaining in vehicles).

ADNC expects all members, participants, coaches, officials and volunteers to:
• Comply with the health directions of government and public health authorities as issued from time to time;
• Understand and act in accordance with this Plan as amended from time to time;
• Comply with any testing and precautionary measures implemented by ADNC;
• Act with honesty and integrity in regard to the state of their personal health and any potential symptoms; and
• Monitor their health and take a cautious approach to self-isolation and reporting of potential symptoms.

Quick reference guides have been prepared to assist you to familiarise yourself with the requirements of our plan:

COVID-19 Safety Coordinator
The Management Committee has appointed Jessica Isaac as the ADNC COVID-19 Safety Coordinator. The COVID-19 Safety Coordinator is responsible for liaising with Netball Queensland and other relevant stakeholders in relation to ADNC’s response to COVID-19. Romy is the representative of the Management Committee for COVID-19 matters and works closely with Jess.

Jess can be contacted on

St Paul's School, Bald Hills, Multi-purpose undercover area
Enter via Attunga Street, Bald Hills

Players turning 12yrs or 13yrs: 8am to 10am
Arrive at 7.45am for 8am start

Players turning 14yrs or 15yrs: 10am to 12pm
Arrive at 9.45am for 10am start

Intermediates (16-19yrs) and Seniors (20yrs+): 12pm to 3pm
Arrive at 11.45am for 12pm start
Senior grading (16yrs & over): 12pm to 3pm
NetSetGO players (8yrs - 10yrs) Squad Training
Further details TBC
11yrs Squad Training
Further details TBC
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