2021 Coaches

TeamDivisionCoachAssistant Coach
Team 1Seniors Div Karina Cole
Team 2Seniors DivKat Kelly
Team 3Seniors Div Bridget Condon
Team 4Seniors Div Ian Edwards
Team 5Seniors DivRomy Short
Team 6Inters Div Karina Cole
Team 7Inters Div Amy BowmanDebby Pratt
Team 8Inters Div Alex Carroll
Team 9Cadets Div Andrea Hickey
Team 10Cadets Div Cerys Whittle &
Lauren Anderson

Team 11Cadets Div Amy BowmanJudith Whitehead
Team 1213yrs Div Ella Tomazic
Team 1312yrs Div Bron Gilder
Team 1412yrs Div Sophia Bergman
Team 1512yrs Div Andrea Hickey &
Phill Hickey

Team 1611yrs Div Squad training
Team 1711yrs Div Squad training 
Team 18NSG - 9-10yrsCarl Batty
Team 19NSG - 7-9yrs Bron GilderTaleisha Cave

ADNC Coaches

Our coaches play an essential part in making our club successful!  We value our coaches by encouraging them to develop their skills and offer support to them throughout the season.  Some of the benefits of being an Aspley coach are:

* We pay your Netball Queensland registration fee (non-player coaches)

* We provide you with access to Sportplan, an online treasure trove of drills and session plans

* We provide you with coach development sessions throughout the season

* We provide you with an Aspley club Coach t-shirt

* We provide you free entry to Trophy Night

* We provide you with a free team photo of you and your team

* We offer full reimbursement upon completion of your online Foundation Coaching course

We offer further partial reimbursement of any further coaching courses you undertake

As well as the above, we also give you a gift of appreciation at the end of each season!

All Coaches are required to complete the Foundation Coaching course and hold a current Blue Card (working with children) issued by the Queensland Government.

If you are interested in coaching for Aspley Devils, please contact our Coaching Convenor on

Coaching Accreditation

Foundation Coaching Course

The online Foundation Coach Accreditation Course is targeted primarily at beginner coaches, teachers, parents and NetSetGO coaches and outlines introductory coaching information and basic netball techniques. The Course is the first step in the national coaching accreditation framework and is an important step along the knowledge pathway for a coach. 
To complete the course, you must enrol via MyNetball. Payment for the course is payable at the time of enrollment.

For ADNC Coaches completing the training please send your reimbursement request to and a copy of your completion certificate to

Other coaching pathways
For more information about the Coaching accreditation pathways and upcoming coaching workshops visit the Netball Queensland website.

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Round 2
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