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Codes of behaviour

Injuries and Return from Injury

At Aspley, we have a commitment to our players to ensure they can enjoy netball and life injury free. While return to play after injury is at the discretion of the coach in consultation with the player and/or parent, at Aspley we have the following guidelines: 
  • If injury occurs during a game at Downey, first aid is should be called, and the injury be recorded in Downey's first aid book. 
  • If injury occurs at training or on game day but is not recorded by Downey's first aid book, please complete an Accident Report and return it to the Secretary at
  • For concussion and return from concussion, please see Downey's protocols available here and complete the Concussion Referral and Return Form

Written medical clearance when returning from injury is encouraged for long term or serious injuries and should be provided to your coach and the Secretary. For other injuries, it is at the discretion of the player, parent, coach and medical professional (if consulted). We require all players returning from injury complete a full training session prior to playing a game. 

Member Protection Policy

Aspley Devils Netball Club has a duty of care to all those associated with our club and to the individuals and organisations to whom the Netball Queensland and Downey Park Netball Association (DPNA) Member Protection Policies apply. As a Netball Queensland and DPNA affiliated club, we have adopted the DPNA Member Protection Policy. 

The policy assists to ensure that every person involved in netball is treated with respect and dignity and is protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse. This policy also ensures that every person involved in netball is aware of her/his legal and ethical rights and responsibilities as well as the standards of behaviour expected of them.

This policy is effective from 22 November 2016 and will operate until replaced. The policy may be amended from time to time.

The policy aims to ensure the core values, good reputation, positive behaviours and attitudes of DPNA and persons identified in the Member Protection Policy Clause 3 are maintained and enhanced. It also reflects netball’s support of the sport industry principles and values outlined in The Essence of Australian Sport – principles of fairness, respect, responsibility and safety.

You can view a copy of the DPNA Member Protection Policy here.

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