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Registering to play

Netball Queensland requires players to register and pay (Netball Queensland and Downey Park Netball Association fees only) through the NetballConnect system.

Our Club also requires you to register and pay the ADNC fee component using our existing system, Majestri. 

In order to keep registration as simple as possible for both you and us, we have linked part of our registration process with the NetballConnect system. 


PART 1: ADNC fee payments via Majestri

When you click the green Register Now button on this page you will first complete your registration and payment for Aspley Devils.

PART 2: Netball Queensland and Downey Park Netball Association fee payments via NetballConnect

You will then be sent into the NetballConnect system to again enter your registration information for Netball Queensland. 

More information regarding the fee components paid in each step can be found here.

**Importantly, your registration cannot be completed until you have clicked the link and completed the NetballConnect registration section**

Missed the link? Access NetballConnect here.

If you close your browser prior to completing this step, we will send you a reminder to go back and complete this.

While we know this feels like a double up of registration, unfortunately there is no opportunity for our system to 'push' your data into their system. We thank you for your patience!

Netball Connect

What is NetballConnect?

NetballConnect is a new registration and competition management system being introduced in 2021 by Netball Queensland. It replaces the previous MyNetball system. Importantly, it is now how the Netball Queensland and association (Downey Park Netball Association) fees are now paid and ADNC no longer collects these fees from you.

For more information about fee payments visit the Administration page on our website.

The system provides an an online portal where you can access all information Netball Australia holds about you, including your personal details and competitions you've played in. Unfortunately, no previous user data has been transferred to the new system. This means that even if you hold an existing MyNetball account you will be required to create a new NetballConnect account. 

You can update your personal details when logged into the system. However if you update personal contact information in NetballConnect, such as a change of contact information or email address, you also need to update this information by logging into the My Details section of Aspley's website.

All players and officials for this club are registered in NetballConnect.

Download the app

You can access NetballConnect via the app.Within the app you can also use game day functions such as live scoring.

NetballConnect for Apple

NetballConnect for Android

Need some help?

Visit the Netball Queensland website for NetballConnect help resources including tutorials and reference guides.

Follow the steps on our FAQ page if you experiencing the following log-in errors:


Our Registrar is also available to assist you. You can contact Kat via email on

NetballConnect - log-in error

Follow these instructions if you receive the following log-in error:


It is likely they are an existing user and have not been parent paired correctly, to fix this please follow the below steps.

1. log in to

2. if you notice your child's name is appearing on the left-hand side of the profile when you log in and they are using your email address, you will need to add your details as a parent in order to complete registrations successfully


Netball Connect error


- If you would like your child to have their own login, please update their email address first once you have entered your details and saved, you will be logged out for security reasons and need to log in again once you log in again, you can navigate to the registration form using Actions > Register

4. Navigate to the Personal Details Tab
5.  Click Add Parent/Guardian
6. Enter your details


When does player registration open and close?

The early bird registration period for the Winter season competition opens from 1 January for 2 weeks. Registrations are usually accepted until February. 

As we have limited player numbers for each age group, we strongly suggest that you register to play as early as possible to secure your place.

In some instances we are able to accept late registrations for age groups where we have availability.

Registration for our NetSetGO clinic generally opens in September.

How much does it cost?

Player registration comprises of three key components:

  • Netball Queensland registration fee (includes insurance)
  • Downey Park Netball Association registration fee
  • ADNC registration fee

The cost of registration varies for each season and is approved by club members at the Annual General Meeting held in November. 

ADNC offers discounts to families with multiple players and offers a discount for members who register and pay during the early bird period. We are also registered to participate in the Queensland Government's FairPlay program. If required, our Treasurer is available to have a confidential discussion regarding payment plans.

For more information on the current season registration fees visit the Administration page.

How can I register to play?

There are two ways you can register to play. 

You can register to play with us via this website. During the registration period, simply complete in the required information and a copy of the invoice will be sent to you.

You can also order uniform items via our Online Shop.

Once you have registered online, you will be able login to our website to view "Members only" information and you can view the status of your registration, online shop orders and debts.

In person
You can visit us at our Sign On Day. Sign On days are usually held in the last weekend of January, at Craigslea State High School.

You can also try on and place orders for uniforms and meet members of the Management Committee.

What age group will I be in?

The age groups for netball are based on the calendar year. 

Players are grouped into the following, based on the age they are turning as at December 31 in the current year:
NetSetGO: For players turning 8, 9 or 10 in the year they register.
11 years: For players turning 11 in the year they register.
12 years: For players turning 12 in the year they register.
13 years: For players turning 13 in the year the register.
Cadets: For players turning 14 or 15 in the year they register.
Intermediates: For players turning 16, 17, 18 or 19 in the year they register.
Seniors: This age group is open to all players 19 and over.

Can I register my son to play?

According to Downey Park Netball Association by-laws, which align to the Netball Queensland policy, boys can be registered up to and including the year they turn 12 and they may play in a team provided that:
  1. not more than three boys are registered in the one team and
  2. not more than three boys are permitted to play for a team in any one game.

Do I have to pay upfront for registration?

No, you do not have to pay upfront for registration and you can defer your payment for another date. 

We do ask that where possible, you pay your fees in full or leave an initial deposit.

All fees are due prior to Teams Announcement which is usually held at the end of February. Players who have not paid their registration in full prior to this will not be announced in a team until payment is finalised.

Can I cancel my registration?

If you cancel your registration prior to Teams Announcement Day, you will receive a refund of your fees, minus an administration fee from ADNC.

If you cancel your registration after Teams Announcement Day, you will only be refunded the ADNC component of your registration, minus an administration fee from ADNC. Unfortunately, once a player has been registered with Downey Park and Netball Queensland we are unable to recover your registration fee and therefore these components are not refundable.

Playing and training

When does the season run and for how long?

Generally, the Winter season fixtures run for 14 rounds from March through until September.
Pre-season grading (for competitive teams only i.e. 11 years and above) is held in February.
Our NetSetGO clinc (7-10 years) is typically held over eight weeks from October to November.
You can visit the Calendar to see key dates and fixture rounds for the current season.

Where does ADNC train?

We train at the Craigslea State High School netball courts. The courts are accessible via Maundrell Terrace, Chermside West. 

Most teams train one night per week (Mondays - Thursdays).

When will my team train?

Team training times are determined by the team and their coach at Teams Announcement Day. This approach allows us to be flexible to suit the majority of the team members. 

We do however appreciate that many families would like to know their training commitment in advance, to ensure they can fit training into busy work and family schedules. 

As a guide, the following days are used to plan team training nights:
Monday: Seniors
Tuesday: 12 years, 13 years and Cadets (14-15 years)
Wednesday: 11 years and Intermediates (16-19 years)
Thursday: 8-10 years and Seniors

What time will my team train?

The training times are determined based on court, player and coach availability. Generally our junior teams train after school/early evening and our Cadet, Intermediate and Senior players train after school/work hours at night.

The duration of training will depend on the player age - NetSetGO players (8-10 years) will typically train for one hour while the majority of other teams will train for up to 1.5 hours.

When does training start?

Training will usually start in the week following Teams Announcement Day - generally sometime in February.

Where are the weekly fixture games played?

Aspley Devils is part of the Downey Park Netball Association (DPNA). We play on Saturdays at Downey Park which is located at Northey Street, Windsor.  
Games are played each Saturday according to the current DPNA calendar. 

What time will my fixture game be?

Fixture times vary for each age group and the fixture draw is set by DPNA prior to the commencement of the Winter season - after all clubs have submitted their team nominations.

When available, the fixture draw will be published on the DPNA website and our ADNC website will feature a weekly draw on the home page.

As a guide, the fixture times for the previous season can be found here.

Do I need a uniform?

Yes, we have two compulsory uniform items - a dress and bike pants. These items must be worn during Saturday fixtures. 

We have other optional uniform items available for purchase including training singlets, hoodies and track pants.
We also recommend that you have footwear suitable for netball.

How can I purchase my uniform?

You can order uniform items through the Online Store.
Once you have completed and paid for your order, you will need to present your receipt to our Uniform Convenor to collect your order. 

What should I wear to training?

At training players are encouraged to wear appropriate netball footwear and comfortable clothing.
Training singlets are available for players to purchase.

Grading and team selections

Frequently asked questions for this section are in progress.

How does it work?

What should I expect at my first grading session?

When does grading start for my age group?

What happens if there is wet weather during grading?

Can I dispute a grading decision?

Will I be in a team with my friends?

Who will my coach be?

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