Grading at Aspley Devils Netball Club is completed across two tiers. The first being grading of individuals undertaken at club level and the second being grading of teams undertaken at the association level.

Grading Process

During the registration process, the club requests information from the player regarding preferred playing positions and previous playing history. This information is used to assign playing positions for grading trial games.

For junior players, particularly in age groups where playing positions are still developing (for example 11, 12 and 13 years), players are generally considered for a team based on other areas of assessment such as ball handling, netball understanding and potential to improve.

While playing positions are still considered important, the Grading Committee uses other criteria to make a final assessment. A combination of squad training, skills and drills, and trial games are used for these age groups.

For senior players, playing position is considered more critical to the overall assessment. 

When grading a player, the Grading Committee will generally look at all, or some, of the below criteria (this is not an exhaustive list and is not listed in any particular order but is provided as a general example):
  • Ball handling
  • Footwork
  • Passing and catching technique
  • Attacking skills
  • Defensive skills
  • Teamwork
  • Agility
  • Playing position
  • Player utility (i.e. can the player play more than one position)
  • Potential to improve
  • Decision-making
  • Netball understanding
  • Speed and endurance
  • Shooting accuracy

Preferred Playing Positions

It is important to nominate your preferred playing positions during the registration process. If you have not supplied this information, you may not be trialled in your preferred position.

Notwithstanding this, players will be rotated around into multiple positions during the grading process. There are a couple of reasons for this (see below). While we will strive to give players adequate time in each of their nominated positions, this may not always be possible. We urge players to not be disappointed if they feel they did not receive enough court time during the first week of grading as all playing time is reviewed for the following week.

Some examples of the reasons why players are moved around in different positions are provided below.

Filling in

When the Grading Committee is not aware of a player's absence, there may be a vacant position left in a trial game which needs to be filled so the game can be played. Sometimes players are asked to volunteer to fill-in for the game even though it may not be their preferred position.

Balance of the game

In some instances, the trial game may be unbalanced (for example, if one team is scoring more than the other team and other players do not have an opportunity with the ball) so other players may be introduced or positions swapped to increase the strength of the other team.

Player comparisons

During the trial games, some players are deliberately played in a position in order to gain a comparison between two or more players. This is useful where two players are of a similar skill level and a decision must be made between the two. It can also be used to put players under game pressure by matching them with an opposition player that is evenly matched for their skill level.

Player combinations

Sometimes before a final team selection is made, player combinations need to be reviewed in a game scenario. This is particularly important for goalers and defensive players. It is also important for goalers and the mid-court to be working well together. Therefore some players may be placed in certain positions so that the Grading Committee can see how well player combinations work. It also helps to uncover new player combinations if a player has not nominated in a certain position but performs well.

Grading Attendance

Attendance at the scheduled grading time and days is mandatory for all players turning 11 years and over. The grading schedule will be posted following the club's advertised sign-on day. 

If a player is absent from grading, the player may be invited to attend an alternative grading session.  The player's previous playing experience, coach's comments and other evidence may also be used to determine the grading of that player.

Players that do not attend the scheduled grading (for example if a player is a late registration) may be placed in a team at the discretion of the Grading Committee.

If you cannot attend a scheduled grading session, you must notify the Grading Committee via the nominated representative. Details will be on the website homepage. It is important that you notify the Grading Committee if you cannot attend the session as trial games are carefully prepared prior to each session and it is difficult to make changes on the night.

Grading Committee

We believe the following Grading Committee model to be a fair and open approach to the grading process.

Senior Grading Committee

  • Senior grading coordinator - ADNC Management Committee member
  • External / Independent Grader (i.e. not a senior player, coach of a senior team, sibling or parent of a senior player registered the current season)
  • Remaining Senior Coaches – as a combined vote*


Junior Grading Committee

  • Junior grading coordinator - ADNC Management Committee member
  • External / Independent Grader (i.e. not a junior player, coach of a junior team, sibling or parent of a junior player registered in the current season)
  • Remaining Junior Coaches – as a combined vote*


*The coaches (as known at the time of grading) will observe the grading sessions and games and provide feedback to the grading committee. The coaches feedback will be combined and averaged and the Committee will consider this in determining the teams.

All gradings take place at the Craigslea High School netball courts (Maundrell Terrace entrance).

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Craigslea State High School (undercover area)
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Grading day for Junior players (12yrs - 15yrs)
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9am - 2pm
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Grading contingency date for all age groups
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