Managers, please also visit our COVID Safety page here.

Key Duties for Managers

Registration/scorecard requirements:

  • Ensure all your players sign & initial the Downey Park registration card at the start of the season (tell them they must initial the registration card each Saturday the same way).
  • Collect the registration card/scorecard from the black clipboard at the court before the start of each game (you can do this at a break in the previous round) and ensure each player initials under the applicable date on the registration card before the game commences.
  • Ensure any absent players or those that did not play are listed on the registration card with DNP (i.e Did Not Play) written beside their name under the applicable date.
  • Ensure any fill-in players are listed on the registration card with their team number and division and they have initialled under the correct date that they played.
  • Make sure both teams agree with the score.  If there is a disagreement, do not sign the scorecard and refer to the Downey Park control desk.
  • Ensure the scorers, umpires and both team managers have signed the scorecard at the completion of the game and scores are totalled and written in the appropriate boxes.
  • If you are the winning team, return both team registration cards plus the scorecard to the Downey Park control desk.
  • Delegate your scorecard/team manager duties to another if you will be away on game day.
  • Return the post pads (if applicable) to the designated area if you’re the last game of the day and the second named team in the fixtures

Hints & Tips

  • Ask the coach before the start of the game if anyone is away this week so you can write DNP on the registration card as soon as you get it. 
  • Create a roster at the start of the season to share the scoring duties amongst parents
  • Use your team’s webpage (accessible when you login via Aspley’s website) to post updates to get info out to your players.  Contact Irene at if you need help accessing this. 

Other duties:

  • Record any player injuries (at training or on Saturdays) using the Accident Report Form and submit this to the Secretary at
  • Assist with co-ordination of club fundraising activities
  • Co-ordinate trophy night attendance numbers (ie. which of your players will be attending)
  • Pass on any relevant information regarding the season to your team and liaise with committee members when necessary.

NetballConnect App - view fixtures & results

Have you got the new NetballConnect app on your phone?

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With NetballConnect you can:

  • Follow netball clubs and associations 
  • See fixtures, results and standings for Aspley teams throughout the season
  • Create a customised list with any live or upcoming Aspley Devils matches 
  • Update your account details, manage your registrations and access payment information
  • Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the app for free

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