2019 Information for Finals

For teams competing in finals, please find necessary information on the links below:

New scoring format for 2019

New registration cards and scorecards are being introduced in 2019 - some of the changes include:

  • Players will sign & initial the registration card at the start of the season and then need to initial only the same registration card under each date they play for the rest of the season.
  • Players will not need to sign the scorecards - these will be pre-populated with player names already.
  • Any players not playing (absent or did not take the court) on the day, must have "DNP" (Did Not Play) written against their name on the registration card under the applicable fixture date.
  • Any fill-in players must be recorded on the registration card with their name, division & team number and must initial in the box under the applicable fixture date.
  • Scorers AND team managers are required to sign the scorecard at the end of the game.  If the team manager is away, another person must be appointed to act as team manager for that day and be responsible for ensuring both the registration card and scorecard have been filled in correctly.
  • The winning team's manager must return the scorecard & both team registration cards to the DPNA Control Desk at the end of the game once all have been signed.

Full scoring/player signing instructions can be found on our Manager's page on this site.

Example registration card - competitive teams:

2019 new registration card

Example scorecard - competitive teams:

2019 new scorecard

Example scorecard - non-competitive teams (NetSetGO):

2019 new scorecard- NSG
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