New netball rules in 2024

World Netball has released an updated edition of the Rules of Netball in December 2023, which applies to international matches, and all affiliated competitions and events in Australia from 1 January 2024.

Some of the key rule changes are below:

  • Tactical Changes - players can call for a tactical change (in addition to injury time-outs).
  • Goals After Whistle - if the the whistle to end play is blown after a ball has left the hands of the shooter, and that goal is successful, the shot will be counted.
  • Centre Pass Checks - an on court player can appeal to an umpire if they believe the centre pass is being signalled incorrectly.
  • Toss Up Removal - toss ups will no longer be used.
  • Short Pass - the rule has been updated so that when a player passes the ball there must be sufficient space on the court for an opposing player to be able to deflect or intercept the ball as it moves from the hands of the passer to those of the receiver.
  • Player Safety - umpires can hold time without a request being made from a player if there is an obvious or serious injury.
  • Foul Play - three new categories have been added: unfair play, unsporting behaviour and dangerous play.
  • Game Management - cautions have been removed and umpires can now advance or escalate a sanction.
  • Throw-in - players no longer have to wait for all players to be on the court before taking the throw-in.

Visit their website here for more detailed information and instructional videos for the new rules coming in 2024.

Online Umpiring Resources

Netball Australia has some great online resources for umpires - click here for their website 

Want to improve your umpiring knowledge and skills?

In early 2022, Netball Australia launched their new online learning platform - the Netball Learning Centre - which houses an extensive range of e-learning, blended and face-to-face courses as well as 12 online accreditation opportunities for both umpires and coaches. 

To access the Netball Learning Centre, go to

If you previously had accessed the MyNetball portal, your records will be transferred over... follow the prompts via the website to gain access.

A good initial test of your umpiring knowledge can be achieved through the Rules of Netball Exam.  Simply login to the Netball Learning Centre, go to Find Learning and type "rules" into the search field and the course will be displayed. (Note: currently there is a cost of $12.50 to complete this)

Be sure to read the Rules of Netball Handbook first!  

Rules of  Netball app pic

Even better... download the Rules of Netball app!

For the App Store - click here

For Google Play - click here

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